The dreaded ‘about us’ section

Nobody likes to write their own bio

Photo credit: Colin Corneau

Photo credit: Colin Corneau

Ranee Parker | Owner & Designer

Who am I?

I’m a writer and designer who is passionate about creating websites to help your work stand out in a crowd. I have a degree in Communications, specializing in design & media studies, and was taught by some award-winning designers, so that’s pretty cool.

Why should you trust me with your website design?

I am a supporter of artists, photographers, and creative entrepreneurs. I prefer to shop in small stores and boutiques and believe strongly in community over competition. There is room for all of us here but that doesn’t mean our websites should look the same. My web designs won’t fit the mold of any template, so your hard work can shine the way it should! You deserve a website that combines style, personality, and function, and that’s exactly what I aim to do with every website I create.

But, really, who am I?

I start every day with 30 minutes of writing. Friends call me the GIF queen. I love to read, travel, drink coffee and wine (but not at the same time). I believe black and grey are the best colors to ever be invented. And I have the cutest office mates - a miniature pinscher who drives me crazy but I love him anyway and a black cat who brings joy and cuteness to every day.

Send me an email and say hey!


Crystal Klippenstein PAX e-Graphics

Crystal Klippenstein | Finance Manager

Because numbers aren’t my thing…

Meet Crystal! If there is one thing you need to know about her, it’s that her professionalism is the envy of all her friends. I’m not even kidding.

Crystal has worked in the financial sector specializing in loans, investments, and collections. To compliment her already stellar background in finances, she is more organized than Monica Geller (and can quote pretty much every episode of Friends).

Crystal enjoys hanging out with friends and family and works tirelessly to keep her children alive on a daily basis. She's basically Wonder Woman, but without the shield.

For questions regarding money matters, contact Crystal by email.