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+ I have an existing website. Can you transfer everything to Squarespace?

I can use the content from your current site to build you a website in Squarespace, but it will be a brand new design.

+ I already own a domain. Can I still have you build my website with Squarespace?

Absolutely! Squarespace allows you to transfer your domain to them or I can connect your new Squarespace site if you prefer to keep it with your current host. And I’m happy to advise you on what I think is best for your situation!

+ Will my website be mobile friendly or is that an additional cost?

You betcha! The mobile version of your site is included in the cost estimate and I always make sure the design and structure are fluid between desktop, tablet, and mobile phone version.


+ Do you only work with artists, photographers, and creative entrepreneurs?

Not at all! My main focus is working with these businesses, but I also work with many others! Check out my portfolio to see some of the businesses I’ve been lucky enough to design websites for!

+ What is the process if I want to hire you to design my website?

You can read about the process here

+ How long does it take to design the website?

The short answer is about a month. But there are many variables involved in determining the timeline. After our initial discussions about your website, I’ll let you know when I can start on it and when I expect to be finished.

+ Do we need to meet in person?

Not at all! We can, if you’re local to me, but all our conversations can happen by email, zoom meeting, phone call, or whatever your preferred method of conversation might be!

+ Do you include SEO in the design process?

Yes I do! It is included in the cost of your web design.

Canadian Squarespace Designer.jpg
Canadian Squarespace Designer.jpg

+ Why do you need my content before you can begin working on my website design?

It’s important for me to better understand the visual and structural needs of your website and prevents me from having to guess at what your specific needs are. This helps avoid any unnecessary extensions to the project timeline and cost.

+ Why do you charge by the project instead of by the hour?

I don’t want you to feel you have to cut corners to save time on an hourly fee, nor do I want you to feel that I’m taking my time just to increase your bill. I set a fee for the project based on the information you provide me during our initial discussions and, in the event of any unforeseen asks that may affect the cost of the project, I am very proactive on advising you about anything that may take us over the estimate. The last thing I want is for you to be surprised by an invoice and I will never go over the estimated budget without discussing it with you first!

+ Are there hidden costs involved in my website?

Not at all! I’ll send you an estimate for my design fee. The annual price of the Squarespace plan, domain, and email addresses are paid by you directly to Squarespace and I have no control over those costs. You can view the plan pricing here.

+ Why don’t you list your prices on your website?

Every project is different, and I am always thinking outside the box, so you won’t find me conforming to any standard! I want you to get the website you want and not limit your options based on pre-determined packages. However, most projects cost around $3500, though that is completely dependent on the scope of the project.


+ If I want to update the blog or add to the photo galleries, can I maintain the website after you’ve designed it?

Yes! Just let me know that’s what you’re looking for and, after the design process is complete, I’ll send you a how-to guide to help you. And you can always ask me if you run into trouble or need help!

+ Do you design logos?

I do! Let me know what you’re looking for and I can send you an estimate!

+ What types of payment do you accept?

I accept cash, e-transfer, credit card, and check (there is a $45 fee for any NSF payments).

+ What are your qualifications?

I have a degree in Communications from the University of North Dakota, specializing in design and media studies, and completed a master class in Squarespace design.

Canadian Squarespace Designer.jpg