Not all Designers Are Created Equal


As an artist, photographer, or creative business owner you want to focus on what you’re passionate about. But trying to figure out how to design your own website can take away some of the joy of living out your creative dreams.

The first time I designed my own website, I felt extreme overwhelm. I wanted to get my writing out into the world, but instead I spent hours and hours trying to design a blog website on my own. And in the end, what I had to show for all that time was a lack of written work to publish and a website that failed to shine the way I knew it should.

After studying design in University, I left the corporate world to start my business helping artists, photographers, and creative business owners to use their website to showcase their work. I want to understand your goals and translate the personality of your business into a website you will love!

When hiring a web designer, it’s important to find someone who jives with you so the process is fun and exciting! When you work with me, you won’t get a website that looks like all the others out there. To stand out you have to break through barriers, and I love putting my design skills to work to do just that for my clients!

Investing in a web designer can be scary. I get that. It’s like giving up a little piece of your business. But finding a designer who is right for you, who understands the importance of your vision for your business, can mean the difference between a website that simply functions and one that makes your business truly shine!

If you need a new website or are feeling it’s time for an update on your existing site, I want to help you regain that excitement about sharing what you do with the world!

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A little more about PAX e-Graphics


I wanted a name with meaning behind it. My first cat’s name was Paxton, or Pax for short, and it seemed fitting to name the business after him. Pax was part of my family for 15 years and I love that his name lives on through my business.

Crystal and I have known each other for the better part of two decades and always dreamed of working together in an office with adjoining desks. While we may not work in the same office we do have matching desks and iMacs, so we’re basically living the dream, people!

One of the best parts of creating this business is having the opportunity to work with people anywhere. While physically located in central Canada, I would love to work with you wherever you are! Most of our communications can be done via email or online conference/video calls if you prefer a little face-to-face (so to speak, of course).

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the debut of a much-overdue re-design of my website, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience (and results) of working with Ranee Parker and PAX e-Graphics. I knew I could probably muddle though with a template - however, I know I don’t bring the skills to the table that a full fledged designer has, and it’s that insight which I knew would be important. If you’re looking for a great graphic designer or a quality designed website, I certainly would recommend Ranee after my terrific experience!
— Colin Corneau, Photographer
PAX e-Graphics are my #1 go-to. No one else listens and delivers beyond expectation like Ranee Parker. She takes my crazy ideas and makes them useful, fun and accessible by the community. She has helped to grow our business in ways that we couldn’t imagine, has honed and honoured our image through social media, web design and merchandise, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the talent, skill, passion, and commitment. If you want your business shining bright, PAX e-Graphics is the place to go.
— Liz Markwart - Director, Le Studio
Ranee is a joy to work with. Her professional approach includes creativity, intelligence, patience, humor, and attention to detail. She worked hard to create a website design that suited our unique needs, and took the time to explain her process clearly, in language that was very helpful to my non-technical self. Her understanding of human beings, and how we communicate in social media was integral to the process, and I would recommend her services to anyone who wants a great website, and a pain-free design experience.
— Kimberley Wilde, Project Coordinator, CCPPA